Mirza Fakhrul is airing frustration, calls for resignation accepting failure

News Desk: BNP’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has argued to the activists, ‘never be frustrated’. Need not to be disappointed; we will be victorious. Mirza Fakhrul argued to the audience presiding as chief guest in the speech at the mourning of late poet Al Mahmud, on Saturday (23rd March) in Dhaka.

Meanwhile, many senior leaders of the party have criticized Mirza Fakhrul’s speech. They said, they would be able to wake the Grassroots of BNP if they were arrested in the name of movement and not in the sentence. BNP’s revival is not possible in uttering majestic words rather it would depend on the courage of senior leader’s presence in the field. Meanwhile another senior leader who is in the run for the post of secretary general in the next council has blamed Mirza Fakhrul’s rejection of movement for party’s failure.

Popularly known as reformist leader in the party, Mahbubur Rahman criticized the speech of Mirza Fakhrul. He said, Mirza Fakhrul is weak minded leader. If you want to practice politics, you have to believe in action instead of assurance. If Mirza Fakhrul sat on the streets with the activists, that action would make him the secretary general of the party in a real sense. All of us need to sit together on the streets of Dhaka. The police may beat us. Rather being feared we have to remain firm in our determination. Only then we would be able to understand the importance of our demand to the ruling party.

He added more, the real fact is that-we have weakened the BNP, not the government. For this failure we can’t blame others. Paradoxically, Mirza Fakhrul has been making the party weaker to keep his position fair in the party. They are trying to retain the place in the next council. I think that those who has able to keep themselves up to the interests of the party should be evaluated. Otherwise, in the name of balance politics and mischief of the particular leaders, BNP may face major challenges soon.

Expressing a bit anger on this issue, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy-another senior leader of the party has said, those who are unable to handle responsibility of the party, they must give up. They should retire from BNP’s politics if they seek excuses for movement. To get the party to jump from the edge of the bracket, be ready to sacrifice. Need to be fearless in politics. Politics does not accept any excuse, rather accept challenges.

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